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Future-proof your workforce by improving mindsets and skillsets
Today’s workforce needs learning and development that prepares innovative companies and their employees for a digitized, human-centric future.

Access to Insights

90% Completion Rate
With a 90% completion rate, our courses consistently outperform in learning outcomes and net promoter scores in fintech, AI, leadership, risk & compliance, data science, and strategy.
Problems We Solve
Managers and professionals need upskilling and ‘soft skills’ (EQ)
Creativity, collaboration, and leadership skills are resistant to AI automation.
No alternatives that match the workforce learning needs in the face of digitization
Few options to attain soft and hard skills from a reputable organization vs the debt and opportunity cost of a degree program. MOOCs only have a 3% completion rate.
A quality digital experience
Esme Learning provides a complete digital platform to enable online learning, collaborative work, and university certificates for relevant coursework co-branded with top universities
What past companies say
We Empower 3 of the top 3 Universities in the World
Digital Finance, Strategy
Business & Society, Data Science
Entrepreneurship & Innovation
Maximize Potential
What Companies Gain
Credly Accreditation from Top Universities
Private Presentations for 25 or more learners
Scale Pricing
Satisfied Learners
Installing an Innovation OS in your org
No customization necessary
Results that Matter
Superior Learner Results
The results outperform other concierge models like GetSmarter/Emeritus
Higher grades over learners who simply viewed and read the learning materials
More likely to complete the course
Net Promoter Score (NPS)
Student Benefits
What Learners Gain
An engaging experience associated with their work environment
“World Class” (NPS) experience
Certificate* from Top School
Live Subject Matter Experts
Immediate Application to Work
Global Peer-to-Peer Network
Science-backed Faster, Deeper Learning