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Oxford Cyber Security For Business Leaders Programme

Online Cyber Security Programme brought to you by Saïd Business School, University of Oxford

Orientation starts:
19 October 2022

6 weeks

Registration closes:
25 October 2022

7-10 hours per week, collaborative online learning


Payment options

Certificate issued by:
Saïd Business School, University of Oxford



Orientation starts:19 October 2022
Length:6 weeks
Registration closes:25 October 2022
Effort:7-10 hours per week, collaborative online learning

Payment options

Certificate issued by:Saïd Business School, University of Oxford
Why study cyber security?

The Oxford Cyber Security for Business Leaders Programme prepares leaders from all industries for the increasingly complex future of cyber security. Participants will gain a full understanding of the challenges and potential of cyber, along with the frameworks and vocabulary enabling them to make strategic decisions to help secure their organisation’s cyber-resilient future.

Who is this for?

You will benefit from the programme if you:

  • Are an entrepreneur, business leader, or executive wanting to gain strategic insight and actionable knowledge to create new ventures or develop business strategies for cyber

  • Are intellectually curious and motivated and in the midst of, or aspiring towards, a career transition or looking for future-fit skills in cyber security
  • Want to learn alongside, and build a network with, fellow participants, ranging from mid-senior to C-level executives
  • Interact with consumer data, and/or are responsible for compliance and data privacy regulations

Programme content

Over six modules, the programme explores cyber security from the basics of cyber hygiene to advanced and adjacent topics.

MODULE 1 - Core Cyber Security Concepts

Gain an ability to evaluate and understand cyber security context within the needs of a business. Learners will understand what it means to be Cyber Fit, how to manage “smart” vs. “careless” risk, and to ensure that cyber security is integrated into the culture of their organisations.

MODULE 2 - Threats and Vulnerabilities

Deepen your understanding of the threats to your organisation -- from insiders, hackers and cyber criminal organisations to nation states. Learn how to use threat intelligence to analyse cyber risks, and a leading framework to better prepare your organisation.

MODULE 3 - Globalisation and Supply Chain Cyber Security

Confront the cyber risks of globalisation and integrated supply chains through deep exploration of emerging challenges of AI and quantum computing.

MODULE 4 - Cyber Security Controls and Operations

Build skills to implement and strengthen cyber operations and architectures. Learn about incident response and practice responding to a major attack in a simulation. Explore the cyber maturity model and gain an understanding of what you need to do to take your organisation to the next level.

MODULE 5 - Responsible Innovation and Digital Opportunity

Explore the ethical dimensions of the new cyber world, and how to innovate responsibly for the benefit of all. Exercise persuasive skills to position your cyber venture for positive future impact and confront cyber issues with complex technical and social implications.

MODULE 6 - Resilience and Strategic Responses

Develop the skills to take smart risks and to make your organisations more resilient against ever-evolving cyber threats. Explore the cyber implications of corporate M/A and rapid growth, and complete an experiential learning team capstone project.

What you will gain

Upon successful completion of the programme, you’ll:

  • Learn the necessary skills required to create a cyber resilient business model that builds trust in the system
  • Gain knowledge of recent and on-going changes in multiple domains within cyber security
  • Access a network of world-class academics, industry experts, and peers to collaborate and develop ideas
  • Gain access to a global network of e-lumni, and benefits unique to members of the Oxford Saïd online programmes community
  • Be awarded a certificate of attendance from Saïd Business School, University of Oxford
"Understanding how to manage cyber-risk whilst embracing digital opportunity is crucial if we are to remain resilient in the face of growing cyber-attacks. This programme is designed to help current and future business leaders develop awareness of core aspects of cybersecurity, contextualise reports on new threats, and make informed decisions on how to react to emerging tech trends. It will assist leaders to become more awake to the socio-technical challenge of cybersecurity, to be more effective in taking a lead role in ensuring it is embedded into the DNA of business, and to be able to create and innovate new digital solutions responsibly."

Sadie Creese, Professor of Cyber Security, Department of Computer Science, University of Oxford

Who you will learn from

Our programme faculty brings together thought leaders from the University of Oxford with industry experts, to facilitate the rapid application of theory to practice.

Your programme director

Sadie Creese

Professor of Cyber Security, Department of Computer Science, University of Oxford

Sadie Creese is a global subject matter expert on operational aspects of cybersecurity including threat detection, risk assessment and security architectures. She is the founding Director of the Global Cyber Security Capacity Centre at the Oxford Martin School where she conducts research into what constitutes national cybersecurity capacity. She was also the founding Director of Oxford’s Cybersecurity network and a member of the World Economic Forum’s Cyber Security Centre’s Strategic Advisory Board. Prior to returning to academia, she worked as a cybersecurity expert for the UK’s Ministry of Defence. Sadie has a DPhil in Computer Science, an MSc in Computation and a BSc (Hons) in Mathematics and Philosophy.

Your programme instructors

Guest experts

What our learners say

The story telling components of the program are things I can put to use right away. ”

- Mark Weisman, SVP, Cyber and Product Intelligence, Mastercard

A good balance of technical capability as to the risk and opportunity of technology. ”

- Paul Trueman, SVP, Product Advancement, Mastercard

A mandatory curriculum for any business leaders making technological decisions. ”

- Jiri Kram, CTO, Vokl Corporation

The concepts around challenging the mindset made this an informative eye-opening learning journey. ”

- Bal Heire, Head of IT Operations, JTL

Our group collaboration was superb and in many ways extremely enjoyable. ”

- Adrian Amer, Barrister-at-Law

The programme was of significant value as we have been faced with many of the challenges addressed. ”

- Dylan Waddle, COO, M3t Financial Services

The programme structure was excellent, and facilitated engagement with other students. ”

- Adi Ben-Ari, Founder & CEO, Applied Blockchain

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